Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is urging President Joe Biden to put back into place many of former President Donald Trump’s most effective immigration policies. Shortly after taking office on January 20, Biden and his team reversed many of these rules, leading to a border crisis not ever seen before in modern times.

Biden’s Actions Lead to Havoc at the Border

Among the policies dismantled by the Biden administration are the “Remain in Mexico” and “safe third country” guidelines. These policies kept thousands of illegal immigrants outside of the US while they were waiting for their legal cases to come to court. Instead, Biden has allowed many of them to remain in the country waiting for their day in front of a judge.

The current president also eliminated the public health exclusion put in place on migrant minors. As a result, there have been massive issues sheltering and taking care of these children that are here without adult supervision. Unlike Trump’s hard line on immigration, Biden has been much more flexible in how he deals with illegal aliens.

Cotton vs. Mayorkas

Cotton made the comments during an interview with Fox News on Sunday. During the interview, Cotton accused the Biden administration of blaming the border crisis on Trump’s policies. However, it was the president actually reversing the rules that have led to the problems.

Meanwhile, while Cotton was pleading his case, Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was on his own media blitz defending Biden and the decisions of his team. Mayorkas said that the administration refuses to send back unaccompanied minors.