Perhaps the most striking thing about politics today is how often political leaders tell absolutely brazen lies and how easily those lies can be exposed if one merely takes a minute to briefly glance at reality.

And yet, despite all of the many lies that keep being revealed, those in power just keep lying. The obvious conclusion to draw is that these people care only about maintaining themselves in power. The damage they cause in the course of doing so is of no importance to them.

Anyone who wants to illustrate this phenomenon will have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.

But for a particularly hilarious recent example, turn your attention to Biden and the ensuing crisis at the Southern border.

Biden Denies Responsibility, but Migrants Say Otherwise

Joe Biden had said on many occasions that he opposed Trump’s immigration policies. Prior to becoming president, he strongly indicated that he would change them.

And change them he has. The construction of Trump’s border wall has totally ceased, and his rhetoric on immigration and open borders has been absurdly reckless.

But of course, Biden has also denied that his words over the last year have in any way attracted these newly incoming migrants. In this, there is nothing surprising. Politicians lie and speak out of both sides of their mouths all the time.

What is surprising—and funny—is what happens when you take a look at the migrants themselves and compare what you see to what Biden has been trying to tell people.

Many of the migrants have been seen wearing Biden-Harris shirts. When asked, they have explicitly said that they are trying to get to America because they believe that Biden will offer them jobs.

And now, in a migrant encampment in Tijuana, Mexico, a “Biden for President 2020” flag flies high above the many tents that have been set up there.

After a visit to this camp, Fox News’ Griff Jenkins said, “It is every bit Biden’s migrant camp. They are flying the Biden flag. They are wearing the Biden T-shirts. There’s 500 to 1,000 individuals staying here that believe wholeheartedly that President Joe Biden wants them here and will help them get across.”

Plus, insider documents leaked from the DHS to Project Veritas have revealed that the DHS expects another migrant caravan consisting of about 10,000 people to form by March 31.

It’s completely obvious that Biden and his people are behind this problem. Every attempt to say otherwise is a brazen lie.