Since Joe Biden won the election in November 2020, the representatives and supporters of the Democratic Party decided to go on a roll insulting the USA nation as a whole.

Apart from the riots and marches organized by BLM and Antifa activists, there have been numerous cases of incidents amid the COVID19 pandemic.

While it is relatively expected to see this from organizations such as Antifa, BLM, and Socialist groups, the fact that the Mayor of Charlottesville, Nikuyah Walker, insults her city is simply unacceptable!

A few days ago, she posted a poem full of disgusting phrases and curses in which she compares Charlottesville to a rapist.

Facebook deleted the post and blocked Nikuyah’s account

Although Nikuyah Walker has been a Mayor of the city since 2017, she is apparently disgusted by its citizens.

At least, that is what we can conclude from her poem that was initially posted on Facebook.

A few hours later, several users reported the post, which led to Facebook deleting it and temporarily blocking her account.

How this Nikuyah react to this?

Well, by posting the same insulting poem on another social media – Twitter.

Not only that, but she edited it, cutting out some of the phrases, and reposting it on Facebook.

Furthermore, she ironically asked, “if this version is better?”.

What was the poem about?

While we don’t want to post the whole poem in this article, the key takeaways are that Nikuyah Walker refers to Charlottesville and its citizens as white supremacists and rapists.

She also suggested that the entire city is rooted in racism, liberating people by redefining freedom.

Consequently, although she is a Mayor of Charlottesville, Nikuyah claims that this city is profoundly conservative and doesn’t provide people of color the same rights as white citizens.

Millions of Americans were shocked by the poem, mostly because it was full of insults and swear words.

Among the people who reacted was the Director of Charlottesville Communications, Brian Wheeler.

Wheeler suggested that although he can clarify that these posts are legit and 100% posted by Nikuyah, he doesn’t have any comments on the story.

Has anyone confronted Nikuyah Walker?!

Absolutely not!

You can only imagine what would happen if some of the GOP supporters posted a poem such as the one shared by Walker.

Unfortunately, most of the leftist media didn’t even share this controversy, which is why millions of USA citizens remain ignorant about what Democrat activists and representatives are doing.