Biden an Extension of Obama

When President Joe Biden was elected to the highest office in the land, many critics of the Democratic Party alleged that his term would simply be a continuation of the presidency of Barack Obama. It appears as if this theory was not that far off base.

Obama’s Involvement With Protect Our Care

During Monday’s White House press conference, press secretary Jen Psaki shed a little light on the closeness of the pair. Psaki said that Obama is involved with the Protect Our Care initiative. This group is charged with protecting the health care plan implemented by Obama when he was in office. The former president himself is involved in the group as an official member. He has gone so far as to make videos to commemorate the 11th anniversary of the health care legislation.

Press Secretary Confirms Closeness

When asked if Obama has visited the White House with Biden in office and how often that the two speak, Psaki said that they are friends and talk regularly. However, she stopped short of saying Obama has visited Biden in person. She also said that the two speak about a wide range of issues and not just health care.

So Why Was Obama Hesitant to Endorse Biden?

The revelation that the two are still in close contact raises the question of why Obama did not immediately endorse Biden in his run for the Oval Office. It took Obama five days after Bernie Sanders ended his campaign to come out and officially endorse his former vice president. This is particularly interesting now that Biden has demonstrated overwhelming favor to former Obama staffers, nominating them in key positions.