Vice President Traveled to Florida for Self-Promotion

Vice President Kamala Harris headed to Florida on Tuesday to continue to promote the recently passed COVID-19 relief package. One of the few victories of the young administration of President Joe Biden was the passing of this massive $1.9 trillion relief legislation. It is surprising to nobody that Harris and her team would jet off to boast about their accomplishments.

Questions Surrounding Why She Was Not at Border

Critics of Harris are questioning why she decided to travel to Florida rather than head to the Southern border with Mexico. It is clear that the Sunshine State is doing fine these days, with businesses back open and COVID-19 cases declining dramatically.

So why is Harris not at the border where there is a true crisis unfolding? When asked this question, Harris simply laughed it off without providing a response.

Like the former senator, secretary of state, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Harris also tends to laugh when she does not want to answer a question. It is a method of deflection used to distract.

Harris Fails to Offer Salute

Harris also drew criticism after she failed to salute the honor guard waiting for her at the bottom of Air Force Two. While there is no requirement for a sitting vice president to salute these officials, Mike Pence and Biden both routinely did so when they occupied this office.

The vice president is going to have to do better than to simply go on a propaganda tour promising more help from the government. At this point, Americans want real results.