Seattle Activist Named as Homelessness Czar

The city of Seattle has officially appointed someone to deal with the ongoing homeless crisis. The new “homelessness czar” will be charged with establishing and operating the Regional Homeless Authority (RHA) for Seattle and the surrounding area of King County.

The nod for the position went to Marc Dones, executive director of the National Innovation Service (NIS). He accepted the job after being offered it last Thursday. The board in charge of hiring for the new position originally offered the job to Regina Cannon from Atlanta. She declined the opportunity.

Concerns With Dones

Dones has not exactly built a high amount of trust within the Seattle community. He is most known for calling on the city to defund both police departments and prisons.

He was a leading voice in convincing the Minneapolis City Council to defund their police department, a decision that has since been reversed after a massive increase in crime.

Dones has also advocated for abolishing capitalism in favor of a communist agenda.

It is also worrisome to read more about the NIS, the organization currently under Dones’ direction. The group’s website says that it aims to “fundamentally transform the structures and outcomes of America’s public systems,” pointing to structural racism as the root of the problem.

Not Exactly Living the Communist Life

Despite his advocacy for a communist society, Dones will be raking in approximately $130,000 per year for his new job. In addition, the New York Post reported that he has received a handsome sum of money from his father, basketball icon Isiah Thomas.