Whenever politicians want to pass a controversial piece of legislation that will create sweeping changes to society that most people would probably oppose, one of their time-honored tactics has always been to give the legislation in question a positive-sounding name.

For instance, call a bill that gives the government sweeping police powers and rips the Fourth Amendment to shreds the Patriot Act. Anyone who opposes it can then be branded “unpatriotic.” Call a bill that bails out specially connected corporations, profligate Democrat-run cities, and pro-Democrat interest groups at taxpayer expense the American Rescue Plan Act. Anyone who opposes it can then be accused of not wanting to “rescue America.”

Well, politicians are at it again. This time, there is the so-called Equality Act. And what does this bill do?

It takes biological men—who, for a host of hormonal, chemical, and biological reasons, are not at all equal to biological women in many sporting activities—and grants them civil rights protections under the Civil Rights Act. In practice, this means that “trans women,” who are biologically male, would be allowed to compete against actual women in sports because the bill makes it unlawful to discriminate against anyone on the basis of “gender identity.”

In other words, the so-called Equality Act is trying to force two inherently unequal groups of people to compete against one another. If you oppose this, you are against “equality.”

The Equality Act Passes and Female Athletes Are Thrown Under the Bus

The House has passed the Equality Act by a vote of 224-206, meaning that it will now be handed over to the Senate.

Last Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee began holding hearings on this deeply Orwellian bill. During those hearings, three female high school athletes from Connecticut who famously launched a lawsuit after biological boys were allowed to compete in girls’ track and field events and win college scholarships—Alanna Smith, Selena Soule, and Chelsea Mitchell—were supposed to testify.

However, Democrats blocked them from being able to do so, according to the Washington Examiner. Specifically, Illinois Democrat and Senate Judiciary Chairman Dick Durbin is the guilty party.

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz called this decision “striking and revealing,” and indeed it was.

It exposes some fundamental and deeply uncomfortable contradictions at the heart of the leftist worldview. Ostensibly, leftists seek to expand “rights”—really, privileges—for anyone who is not a white, heterosexual male. It’s thus implicitly assumed that all of these other groups’ interests are aligned against those of white, heterosexual men.

But this simply isn’t true. These other groups’ interests can and do come into conflict from time to time as the case of transgender athletes illustrates.

And when leftists have to choose between two of their designated victim groups—in this case, women and the transgendered—they will swiftly throw women under the bus.

Why? It’s because shoving trans women into women’s sports upends society and grants additional power to leftist bureaucrats and commissars, who would have to enforce these new mandates. Allowing only women to occupy female spaces would not do this.

And now, you see how the game is really played.