By now, more than a few astute cultural commentators have made the point that everyone seems to be living in a world in which everything is pervaded by irony.

Something major will be happening in the near future that further confirms this impression. It’s something so comically ridiculous that it’s difficult to believe that it will actually be happening.

Vice President Kamala Harris will soon be co-hosting an event on women’s empowerment. Her co-host? Former President Bill Clinton.

Women’s Groups Don’t Seem to Care

An extraordinarily large number of women have accused Clinton of varying degrees of sexual assault and harassment over the course of his long political career. Some of the accusations have risen to the level of outright rape.

The Monica Lewinsky affair, though it attracted national attention, was far less serious than what Clinton is accused of having done with women like Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey.

And yet, when the Daily Caller attempted to reach out to various women’s rights groups for their comments on the fact that Clinton will be co-hosting this event—among them Emily’s List, the Women’s March, Planned Parenthood, and Time’s Up Now—the Daily Caller heard nothing back from any of them.

Compare this deafening silence to the reactions of many of the same groups when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to sit on the Supreme Court. In September of 2018, a woman named Christine Blasey Ford accused Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her decades ago during a college frat party. She was unable to recall the date of the party or even the year that it happened, and many of her own friends expressed grave doubts about her account.

No witnesses could confirm Ford’s story. Nothing about any of this was terribly credible.

Despite this, organizations like the Women’s March staged loud and aggressive protests outside the Hart Senate Building during Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearing. He was called a rapist and a sexual predator. The fact that the evidence against him was flimsy to nonexistent did not bother any of these protestors.

When the accusations against Bill Clinton come up, however, ostensible defenders of women’s rights remain silent. Clinton has never been formally convicted of any crimes, though he did have to pay a settlement to Paula Jones when she accused him of sexual assault. Many other accusations against him linger.

Much the same can be said about these women’s groups and the ongoing sexual assault and harassment saga in which New York Governor Andrew Cuomo sits embroiled. They have made virtually no comment on the matter, either.

The same also applies to Joe Biden and Tara Reade, a woman who claims that Biden violently sexually assaulted her back in 1993.

The double standard is both clear and sickening. If you are on the left, have power, and have had questionable relations with women, your faults and misdeeds will be ignored. But if you are on the right, misdeeds that you’ve never committed will be fabricated and weaponized against you.