Since before Biden even made it into the White House, speculation has run rampant that he would rapidly be ousted from the presidency and replaced by his VP Kamala Harris.

Some dismissed such speculations as absurd, but given Biden’s obvious mental incapacity—given the fact that he both stumbles over his words and now stumbles over himself—it was hard to imagine him serving out a full four years.

How could a man who, on multiple occasions, has suddenly gotten looks on his face indicating that he can’t remember where he is, handle the stress of being president? The obvious answer is that he can’t.

As Sherlock Holmes said, “[W]hen you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

And that means that even though almost nobody—not even Democrats—actually voted for her; even though the right considers her to be a far-left ideologue and the far-left thinks that she is a corporatist shill and an opportunist; even though every time she starts cackling at inappropriate moments, she looks like a psychopath trying to simulate human emotion—Kamala Harris might still become the president of the United States.

And now, thanks to a very bizarre new White House memo that has recently been leaked, all of this looks like an even more distinct possibility.

The Biden-Harris Administration?

Traditionally, a president’s cabinet and the government that serves under him have always been referred to by that sitting president’s name. Trump’s government was the Trump administration, Obama’s was the Obama administration, Bush’s was the Bush administration, and so on.

The reason for this is fairly obvious. The president is supposed to be the head of the government. He is the central figure in the whole machine.

But now, an email memo from a top White House communications official has been leaked, which tells federal agencies to always refer to the current government as the “Biden-Harris Administration” in all of their public statements.

According to Outspoken, which originally broke the story, “The highly specific language also appears on the websites of all 15 executive departments.”

Not even when Dick Cheney was vice president—and, according to some, was the real power behind the throne—was the government referred to as the “Bush-Cheney Administration.”

One way to interpret this bizarre phenomenon is as just another nod by the left to identity politics.

Since Kamala Harris is a woman—and a nonwhite woman at that—people are all required to pretend that her meager accomplishments are actually significant and that her atrociously harmful and vicious record as a public prosecutor, which included doctoring evidence against innocent people, was actually an important step forward for women.

But Biden is obviously demented. He signs executive orders written for him by others without knowing what is in them. He can scarcely answer questions or speak in coherent sentences unless he has been given long preparation beforehand and unless the questions have been asked by sycophants.

This memo is an omen of something far more serious. Those who speculated that Kamala Harris would be installed as president seem like they were right. If it happens, it will be the greatest middle finger given by the elite to the people in the history of the United States.