The Democrats have run into some rather serious problems of late in their quest to ram their agenda down the throats of Americans. Despite now controlling both the presidency and—effectively—both houses of Congress, they’ve hit a snag on the road to socialist nirvana.

More interestingly, those problems now seem to extend considerably further than just Blue Dog Democrats like Joe Manchin and those wary of possible voter backlashes like Kyrsten Sinema.

Democrats rode into power in 2021 with an extensive wish list prepared, at the top of which was their plan to effectively abolish nearly all election-related rules, like ID checks, that are meant to put a damper on possible fraud. This, incidentally, was what the party that strenuously insisted that no significant amounts of election fraud had happened in 2020 had wanted. How behavior like this is supposed to dampen people’s suspicions about election fraud is anybody’s guess.

But in any event, the path seemed assured. Democrats had a majority in the House and were tied with Republicans in the Senate, which didn’t matter because Vice President Kamala Harris could easily be relied upon to supply tiebreaker votes in favor of the Democrats. The only small impediment remaining to absolute power was the filibuster, and the media—pliant and compliant, as always—was already working overtime to propagandize as many people as possible into believing that this age-old rule was hidebound and evil and needed to be abolished forthwith.

And then, fate intervened.

Democrats Start Breaking Ranks Over Gun Control

Specifically, what happened was a mass shooting at a supermarket in Boulder, Colorado. Before the victims’ bodies had even had a chance to go cold, the media were already declaring, utterly without evidence, that the shooter must have been some sort of disgruntled white male.

The media so seethe with hatred for white men and are so blinded by ideology that the idea of waiting for facts to come in never even occurred to many of the hacks working at major media organizations—hacks who continue to insult the intelligence of people everywhere by referring to themselves as “journalists.”

As it turns out, the shooter was a Syrian who was inspired by ISIS to do what he did, so the anti-white narrative swiftly collapsed. Despite that, the Democrats, as they always do after such things happen, pivoted to pushing gun control hard. There is no evidence that limiting gun ownership would prevent atrocities like the Boulder shooting from happening—and plenty that it would make such shootings worse—but Democrats don’t care. Everything is about emotional manipulation for the sake of achieving power.

However, as much as anti-gun folks don’t want to admit it, guns are extremely popular in America—and politicians know it. This even includes a few Democratic politicians. Some Democrats like Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Jon Tester of Montana—in addition to Manchin and Sinema—are already loath to vote on gun bans because they know that their constituents would eat them alive.

That reluctance has now translated over into both the Democratic campaign to abolish the filibuster and HR1, the bill that would essentially make it child’s play to commit election fraud nationwide.

Just like that, the Democratic coalition appears to have collapsed.