President Joe Biden held his first press conference, 64 days into his presidency, the longest a President has ever gone without conducting one.

Former President Donald Trump held press conferences frequently, occasionally they would last for hours, free of aid.

However, all of President Biden’s weaknesses were on show for the entire world yesterday, as the oldest President struggled with his words once again.

Yet, his cognitive abilities, or lack of, were not the main focus of his disaster show.

A picture snapped of the President’s side profile revealed that he held notes regarding all of the reporters in the room, some of which were circled and assigned a number, suggesting that the President had pre-selected his questions.

Why does this matter?

The President has been accused of hiding from the press since the beginning of his term, now, the reveal that he pre-selected what questions to answer at his first presser doesn’t help his cause.

Fox News host Chris Wallace, who is also a registered Democrat, expressed his shock over what he had witnessed.

He likened Biden’s use of a briefing book to his press secretary, Jen Psaki, who often refers to hers when answering challenging questions.

He stated that whilst covering Ronald Reagan for 6 years, he had never seen anything like what Biden had displayed.

However, the use of pre-selected questions is what drew the most attention.

Did he really pre-selected his questions?

The photograph that was snapped from his right side, to show the President standing over the podium, happened to reveal a list of reporters that were in the room, with some of them assigned a number.

The photograph reveals Zeke Miller of the Associated Press was first up, Ken Thomas of The Wall Street Journal being number 5, Kaitlan Collins of CNN being number 8, and finally Justin Sink of Bloomberg News being number 9.

Alas, these reporters asked their questions in the order they were assigned in, with 10 reporters being allowed to ask questions of the President.

There was no sign of a pen or a pencil contained within his briefing book, so he could not have made these visual adjustments during the press conference, they made beforehand.

To make matters worse for the President, all of the reporters who were allowed to ask a question came from networks or new publications that had a left-leaning political bias.

Peter Doocy of Fox News was present but was not called upon by the President to ask a question, I wonder why?