Biden’s press conference on March 25 was a national embarrassment — or, at least, would be considered one if a responsible journalistic class existed.

The whole thing was choreographed from start to finish. Journalists were pre-selected and were allowed only to ask pre-prepared questions in a particular order. They were virtually all fawning and obsequious, and essentially no tough or adversarial questions were permitted.

An arrangement like this is already farcical to begin with, but there was another feature of the press conference that elevated — or lowered — it to the status of something that might be seen in an authoritarian or dictatorial regime.

Biden was allowed to carry on the whole press conference with training wheels on. He had cheat sheets right in front of him the whole time from which he could read pre-prepared answers, and no one present thought to object to this fact.

Biden’s Cheat Sheets

Some truly intrepid reporters decided to actually do their jobs amid all of this risible nonsense, however. Pictures were obtained of the cheat sheets that Biden had with him on his podium.

They show pictures of all of the reporters that Biden was to call on along with their names. Biden also had cue cards that spelled out the answers to various critical questions for him. The cards treated subjects like the state of America’s infrastructure and America’s relations to China.

Moreover, it’s not as if Biden was subtle about how he used these cheat sheets. Throughout the press conference, he paused on multiple occasions to read off of them verbatim. It was immediately obvious that Biden was reading pre-prepared remarks.

And again, no one thought to break the fourth wall and call any of this out at the time.

A few obvious questions need to be asked: Did reporters coordinate with the White House to arrange this farce, this simulacrum of a press conference, this completely manifest and obvious fake?

And if so, why should any of the American people take the reporters who did agree to this seriously? If so-called “journalists” are just going to be lackeys for politicians, they why shouldn’t the American people simply ignore them?