In a recent statement, former President Donald Trump expressed his annoyance over the fact that John Durham, the special counsel who had been tasked with investigating Crossfire Hurricane, has yet to produce any results.

“Where’s Durham? Is he a living, breathing human being? Will there ever be a Durham Report?” Trump asked in frustration in a statement released March 26.

Durham Drags His Feet

Back in 2019, Durham was given the job of investigating what has become known as “Crossfire Hurricane,” the alleged plot to surveil and investigate the Trump Campaign back when Trump was originally running to become president in 2016.

According to some, the FBI, the CIA, and other government agencies participated in this fiasco. Trump has claimed that then-president Barack Obama knew about it and approved of it. This would have likely meant that Joe Biden, then vice president, also knew about it; although he has claimed otherwise on numerous occasions.

This was all done under the pretext that Trump may have been working with the Russian government, but as the disgraceful Russiagate saga has amply revealed, there was never a single shred of hard evidence for this claim. If anything, the very people in government who were obsessed by these alleged “connections” probably fabricated the whole Russiagate story because they thought Trump posed a threat to their power.

Durham was ostensibly supposed to investigate all of this and get to the bottom of it, but his much-vaunted report has yet to appear.

Even though he formally remained as the special counsel for the Crossfire Hurricane investigation after Biden became president, it’s highly doubtful that the Biden Administration would allow him to investigate its own people — assuming, of course, that Durham ever truly wanted to.

Many have argued that a Durham Report is unnecessary and that overwhelming evidence exists of government corruption reaching up to the highest levels. Many critics of what was done to Trump have pointed to the FBI’s abuse of the FISA process to get warrants to spy on the Trump Campaign, but given that FISA courts are essentially rubber stamps and that they almost never deny requests, the entire FISA process itself — not just how the FBI happened to use it — could be the abuse here.

As for whether there will ever be a Durham Report, the answer is, “Probably not.” Not only has the new head of the Justice Department, Merrick Garland, refused to state that he would grant Durham the freedom he needs to complete his investigation, but it’s doubtful whether Durham was ever investigating matters in good faith to begin with.