Another day, another attempt by the mainstream media to convince you not to believe your lying eyes.

People who are sick and tired of the media’s relentless lying and deliberate misframing of issues can take heart in the fact that the more unstable, inept, criminal, and out of touch with the people a ruling regime is, the more it must rely on propaganda to survive. This kind of thing can’t last forever.

But for now, the propaganda just keeps coming.

This time, it concerns the out-of-control crisis at the southern border.

The AP, it seems, does not want to use the word “crisis” to describe that situation, even though that’s precisely what it is.

Thankfully, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is not having it.

AP Propaganda About the Border

The Associated Press has long been regarded as simply a straight news organization. That assessment will have to be strongly revised, as it is hopelessly naïve.

By any rational standard, the situation at the southern border is a crisis. People are streaming in by the thousands, swept up by Biden’s open borders rhetoric. They seem to think that the United States is an endless cornucopia of jobs, economic opportunity, and generous welfare benefits.

But of course, the US economy has been ravaged by the politically mandated lockdowns that are still in place in much of the country. Millions still remain unemployed because the government has effectively made it illegal to work. Many states have seen drastic drop-offs in their annual tax revenue, which only exacerbates the already severe fiscal crises that some of them face.

But people from South and Central America just keep coming. Border facilities meant to process them are hopelessly overwhelmed. Tent cities have sprung up. The government is desperate to open up as many additional places as possible to press and investigate these people. And, of course, no one is being tested for COVID.

The media’s response to this, of course, has been to lie about it. First, the Washington Post edited one of its headlines on the issue, first claiming that there is “no migrant ‘surge’” at the border and then walking that back and attempting to explain away the problem as a “predictable pattern.”

As you can imagine, WaPo was eviscerated for this on Twitter.

But the AP has also decided to become slimy manipulators on this matter. John Daniszewski, the AP’s Vice President and Editor-at-Large for Standards, sent out a memory recently telling all writers not to use the word “crisis” to describe the situation, as this would indicate that it is “a political challenge for Biden.” He referred to using the word “crisis” as “hyperbole.”

Ted Cruz, as furious as any decent American is over this nakedly propagandistic nonsense, took to Twitter and simply said:

“True fact: the FEC now requires the AP to print, at the bottom of every story, ‘I’m Joe Biden, and I approve this message.’”