Border Crisis Spiraling Out of Control as Biden Team Tries to Control Chaos

The crisis at the border is continuing to escalate beyond control as the administration of President Joe Biden downplays the situation. Now a Republican senator is claiming that an official with the administration asked him to delete photos that he took at an overcrowded border facility.

Details of Incident

Republican Sen. Mike Braun of Indiana told The Washington Examiner that he was asked to delete the pictures that he took when touring the facility at the border of the US and Mexico. Braun admitted that the Border Patrol officials told them that no photos were allowed. However, he was still taken aback when the Biden official tried to muzzle his right to take pictures and share what was happening at the facility.

Pictures Released

Unfortunately for the team trying to control the narrative coming out of the facilities, Sen. James Lankford posted pictures of the scene. Lankford toured a holding facility located in Donna, Texas. The Republican from Oklahoma said that the pods were built to hold 80 children. However, they were packed to the gills with over 700 people crowding into the halls.

According to Lankford, unaccompanied minors are sent to this facility in Donna. He described a harrowing scene of kids spilling out into the hallways.

Braun Pleads With Biden

After visiting the facility, Braun wrote to Biden, urging him to visit the area himself. Braun called the facility “inhumane” and “unsustainable.”

Braun also described in great detail the process of smuggling people over the border. The people doing the smuggling taunt and threaten the border guards, creating a highly dangerous situation.