Videos at Border Control Facility Sheds Light on Crisis

Sen. Ted Cruz is sounding the alarm to the overcrowded border facilities. The Republican from Texas posted a video detailing the cramped conditions at the facilities along the border of the US and Mexico. Included in the video were the sounds of alleged cartel members shouting at Border Patrol agents as they tried to smuggle illegal aliens over the border.

Group of Senators Tour Facilities

Cruz made the trip on Friday along with 18 other senators seeking to get more information about the crisis unfolding at the border. After the tour was complete, Cruz did not hold back in his criticism of President Joe Biden and his immigration policies.

Details of Video of Facility

The video taken by Cruz showed thousands of children crammed into the pods at the facility in Donna, Texas. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the migrants were shoved into the facility at a capacity of 1500%. Cruz pointed out that his video showed just one of the seven total pods at the Donna facility, all of which are equally stuffed with migrants.

Additional Video

An additional video released by Cruz demonstrated how badly the Border Patrol agents are being taunted by the human traffickers and cartel members smuggling people over the border at the Rio Grande River. Cruz claims that the smugglers are emboldened to act this way because of the lax policies of the Biden administration.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine also expressed her concern about the current situation, calling it an explicit “crisis.” In her report, Collins told stories about smugglers being paid thousands of dollars to help migrants across the border.