Among those that President Joe Biden brought into the White House are two of his canine friends – “Champ” who is a 13-year old dog, and “Major Biden”, a German Shepard.

Just a few days into February, “Major Biden” bit one of the Secret Service agents, which was all over the news.

Many people commented on how the dog is beautiful but that it is unsocialized and lacks training.

Soon after, the news broke out – both of President’s dogs were sent off to Delaware.

Why and how?

Well, that is something that the media and public couldn’t find out at first.

The White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, claimed that “Champ” and “Major” were off visiting the D state with Jill Biden.

Still, that was far from the truth.

What did President Joe Biden say?

Joe Biden decided not to hide the actual reason why the dogs were sent off.

As it seems, both of his dogs went through a month of remedial training in the Delaware State.

According to the President, both of his canine friends, especially “Major Biden”, lack a bit of socialization with strangers, for which reason this type of action was necessary.

Did that work?

A few days ago, Fox News reported that Biden’s German Shepard is barking and nipping the staff.

Although the press didn’t reveal who was the “victim”, they did issue a statement that the White House Medical Unit took care of the minor injury, so the person returned to work just a few hours after.

Is the White House environment too much for “Major Biden”?

The fact that “Champ” seems to be adapting better isn’t a surprise as he is ten years older and not interested in fighting and biting the staff.

On the other hand, the German Shepard seems to have a tough time adapting to the new environment.

Although the White House yard is enormous, and there are many green areas to run at, there seem to be too many triggers that “Major Biden” can’t overcome.

Additionally, the German Shepherd is a breed of dog that needs more attention, and that likes to have an active owner, which Joe Biden definitely isn’t.

With that in mind, many suggest that the Biden family should sit down and talk about whether keeping their German Shepard in this type of environment is truly the best decision.

As it seems, for now, he would have a much better time enjoying a rural and quiet area, with an owner able to run and play.

A good number of the GOP representatives and supporters are currently suggesting how Biden’s move to bring dogs back to the White House may not be ideal for either of the parties.

Furthermore, they suggest that the canine is probably picking up on the energy that Joe drags around.

Who knows – but one thing is sure, a dog doesn’t bite for fun.