Normal people across America are sick and tired of leftist politics infesting and ruining all of the things that they used to like.

They’re sick and tired of every single movie being shoehorned with political messages and diversity quotas for no legitimate artistic purpose, and they see that the quality of films has sharply declined as a result of this.

Similarly, they’re sick and tired of sports — which is supposed to be an apolitical pastime where the only things that matter are athletic talent and a love of the game — being reduced to a political sideshow. No one asked to see athletes genuflecting en masse for the latest leftist political cause du jour. Normal people do not watch sports so that they can be obnoxiously berated by multimillionaire athletes and multibillion-dollar corporations. They don’t like being told that they are horrible people.

That’s why people have finally begun tuning out.

The Erosion of Sports

According to a recent poll conducted by YouGov and Yahoo Sports, 34.5% of Americans now say that they are watching fewer sports than they did a year ago because of how tinged sports have become with politics.

Men reported that they are more likely to stop watching sports for this reason than women - 37.6% of men have said that they are watching fewer sports because of its unwanted political messaging, while the corresponding figure for women is only 28%.

This is all the more jarring given how long Americans have been cooped up in their homes as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns. One would think that Americans would be desperate for entertainment and for an escape from their lives these days, and perhaps they are.

But sports infested with political messaging — sports as a tool of leftist political power — just cannot provide that.

Who could possibly blame people for tuning out?

Leftist political operators have really taken the old feminist slogan “The personal is political” to heart. To these fanatics, everything is fair game for a political contest. Nothing can be “just a game” or “just a movie” or “just something you do to relax.”

Normal people don’t live that way and do not want to live that way. A normal society cannot be organized according to that mentality since it turns literally everything into a life-or-death struggle for political power. It’s a recipe for chaos and for creating a society that is not worth living in.

We now live in a strange paradoxical world where a leftist political and cultural establishment is using every medium, including sports, to beam its propaganda into the minds of the masses. Anyone who publicly contradicts this propaganda is swiftly punished. And yet, this same establishment deludes itself into thinking that it is “rebellious.”

It’s not “rebellious” or “edgy” to have the same opinions as millionaire athletes and billionaire corporate CEOs. The truth is, leftist politics are holding culture back. Before our culture can be revitalized and made interesting again, it has to rebel against and destroy this entire stifling atmosphere.

The good news is that millions of people deciding that they no longer want to watch sports — or Hollywood movies or anything else that decadent mainstream culture churns out — is the first step to eventually doing exactly that.