The US dollar weakening trend has continued throughout the past couple of months since Biden’s inauguration.

While some analysts suggest that this crisis is caused solely by the impact that COVID19 has on the economy, some politicians and diplomats think otherwise.

Among these is Nikki Haley, a US Ambassador in the UN during Trump’s presidency, who claims that Joe Biden and his foreign policies are to blame.

According to Haley, China is blooming while the US has a tough time recovering and keeping up with the latest trends.

China is going for the win

As Haley suggests, the main difference between China and the US is that China invests all its resources into winning the race and becoming the global leader.

On the other hand, United States seems to be playing a bit too nice and naive.

She continues by saying that allowing China and Iran to arrange massive economic agreements ($400 billion) while doing nothing about the threats posed by North Korea (that is performing ballistic missile exercises all over the country) isn’t the best move.

She also referred to how Putin seems to be all over Biden.

The USA has to fight back

How should Biden’s administration act?

Nikki Haley thinks that the best move is to step forward and start dealing with Russia, China, and Iran.

Otherwise, these countries could create a banking system in which the US dollar wouldn’t be a world reserve currency.

Not only that but judging by the bill that China and Iran arranged a few weeks ago, both of the countries will profit (economically and influentially) without the United States partake in any of that.

Additionally, the latest agreement could promote terrorism in Syria, Yemen, and Iraq through proxy financing, destabilizing the peace and creating a security threat.

Haley concluded the interview by referring to how WHO didn’t listen to Taiwan in December 2019 when it reported on Wuhan and the upcoming coronavirus.

With that in mind, Nikki suggests that the United States shouldn’t play nice with the WHO and that China should be held accountable.

The former US Ambassador to the UN said that billions of people are suffering simply because China made a lab omission, and the US should be loud and clear regarding the issue.