During a Friday speech at the West Haven Child Development Center in Connecticut, Vice President Kamala Harris suddenly burst into laughter while talking about the value of education.

Harris participated in a talk about the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had on parents who ended up hands-tied, unable to send their kids to school.

Vice President pointed out that the pandemic brought much suffering to people’s everyday life, including job losses, lack of normalcy, and even personal losses.

She stressed that these issues require some changes to the American system, the failure of which became evident during the crisis.

However, the controversial point happened when Harris wanted to stress the value of teachers.

She said that the education value became much clearer when some parents had to bring their children home and suddenly realized that *“they have not been paying enough for teachers’ services.” *

Vice President further emphasized that paid leaves for various reasons, ranging from sickness to family obligations, became a hot topic due to the pandemic consequences that affected everyone.

While making these points, Vice President Harris started laughing in a very loud and surprising manner.

This act received much criticism from her political opponents.

Political commentators described Harris’s laughing as an inappropriate mocking of the bad situation parents had to go through during the pandemic.

Many characterized Harris’s acts as a lack of empathy toward people who were forced to work and educate their children at the same time.

Some pointed out that this behavior shows why Harris was among the least favored candidate during the Democratic presidential primaries last year.

One among many laughs

This occasion was not the first Vice President that suddenly started guffawing in front of the media.

Earlier this month, she was asked when she intends to come to the U.S.-Mexican border, troubled by the rising migrant crisis.

Harris shortly responded that she was not going to visit the border that day and started laughing.

Many commentators described this move as inappropriate at the moment of the biggest U.S. migrant crisis in decades.

Similarly, Harris recently burst into laughter during the Atlanta visit when President Biden referred to her as “smarter than him.”

It might very well be the case that these laughs are Harris’s unexplainable habit during her public appearances.

If she wants to avoid bad impressions, it might be better for her to change them.