The New York Times (NYT) has recently published a story uncovering that Republican Representative Matt Gaetz from Florida had a sexual affair with a 17-year-old girl.

Given the fact that having sex with underage women is characterized as a serious crime by U.S. legislation, the investigation was expected to begin quickly.

Since there was no announcement of any investigation so far, let alone charges, many commentators cast doubt on the reliability of the NYT source.

In a series of tweets, Congressman Gaetz described the allegations surrounding his sexual behavior as a campaign that involved extortion in which a former Department of Justice (DOJ) official tried to obtain the U.S. $25 million to tarnish the Florida Representative’s reputation.

Gaetz added that his father even wore a wire to help the FBI catch people involved in the extortion.

Republican Representative emphasized that allegations against him are not true and invited FBI officials to release tapes that would show how some individuals took part in activities that involved him as a primary target.

The story about sexual misconduct

The story also covered Joel Greenberg, who the New York City newspaper described as Gaetz’s acquaintance.

The journal wrote that Greenberg was indicted on various counts, including those related to sexual misconduct and trafficking that involved underage girls.

He allegedly even financially supported some of the women for sexual exchange.

In the same story, the newspaper wrote that Gaetz had an encounter with an underage girl two years ago.

NYT reported that legal authorities were investigating whether the Representative violated any federal sex trafficking legislation by encouraging women to perform sex for financial purposes.

The newspaper noted that people involved in such acts usually receive very severe sentences by courts.

Gaetz said that he is not surprised that the accusations are related to women as he grew accustomed to such allegations throughout his career.

The Republican Representative has recently made headlines after rumors that he intends to leave Congress to start working at Newsmax television.

He has a college-age son who he adopted several years ago and got engaged in December last year.

It would be odd for a person of such profile to engage in criminal activities surrounding sex.