George Gascon, the current Los Angeles district attorney, who was funded by George Soros and who has made no secret about his desire to push radical and destructive criminal justice “reforms” on the people of Los Angeles by any means necessary, has now basically terminated his entire gang unit.

This insane move is only the latest of his attempts to hand Los Angeles over to criminals. Previously, he has also essentially refused to persecute Black Lives Matter rioters and MS-13 gang members for crimes. In one case involving an MS-13 gang member, the gang member brutally attacked a transgender woman.

The left’s agenda—which is racist to the core and which essentially wants to put civilization under the control of its absolute worst and most destructive elements—is fundamentally self-contradictory.

This is evident in the case of this MS-13 gang member and this transgender woman. When the left is forced to choose between defending transgendered people and defending nonwhites, they will choose nonwhites because they are anti-white racists.

But now that Gascon has abolished the LA Gang unit, everyone can expect to see many more crimes like this.

Gangs Will Run Amok

One could well ask what in the world could drive someone to essentially ignore gang-related crime. The answer in Gascon’s case, and in the case of other far-left DAs like him, is that statistics repeatedly show that as many as 88% of all gang members are nonwhite. This goes against the left-wing narrative that white people are responsible for essentially all problems in society and that police unfairly persecute nonwhites.

Gang crime has always been high in leftist-run cities, but in the wake of recent “reforms” like those implemented by Gascon, it will only explode even more. Chicago has already seen a 55% increase in its murder rate in 2020, for example. New York City has also seen similar surges in violent crime recently.

According to a report by Fox News, Gascon claims that gang units will be “decentralized.” Essentially, this seems to mean that prosecutors in that unit will be transferred to other units. Their ability to go after gang members for crimes will also be hobbled. The LA Hardcore Gang Unit currently has about 700 active cases. These will be left in limbo.

In response, LA prosecutors have been venting their dismay. LA prosecutor Jonathan Hatami, for example, said on Twitter on Wednesday that, “It is a sad day for LA. The Gang and Narcotics units have both been slashed in half. This will lead to more violence on our streets and more victims in our communities.”

It appears that prosecutors in the now abolished unit were told to wait for phone calls that would give them instructions on what they were to do next.