Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie dropped a variety of inconvenient truths about President Joe Biden’s numerous attacks on Georgia voting laws whilst appearing on ABC over the Easter weekend.

The former Governor appeared on ‘This Week’, hosted by George Stephanopoulos, to discuss the ‘fallout’ from the decision by Major League Baseball to withdraw the All-Star game from the state of Georgia, after election laws in the state have come under fire in recent weeks.

President Biden, alongside Jen Psaki and failed Georgia Democrat nominee Stacey Abrams, have been spreading a vast number of falsehoods regarding the election laws in Georgia, which accumulated in MLB withdrawing from the state after capitulating to the raging mob.

What truth bombs did Christie drop?

Christie appeared on a panel of guests on Stephanopoulos’ show to discuss the impact and consequences of the MLB’s recent decision to withdraw the All-Star game from the state of Georgia.

When asked by Stephanopoulos if he believed that the MLB had made the ‘correct decision’, Christie responded by laying into President Biden, accusing him of being a ‘raging hypocrite’ after he promoted unity and healing but has so far failed to deliver.

He claimed that Biden has been lying to the American people regarding the contents of the Georgia election bill, citing his disappointment in the President for breaking his promise to the country that he made on the day of his inauguration.

Christie then clashed with Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson, calling out her lies after she claimed that voters who wait in line are not even allowed to be offered water.

He immediately jumped in to correct her, stating that partisan groups are not allowed to take part in electioneering, but the state of Georgia (i.e those who run the voting stations) are allowed to offer out food and drink to voters in line under the law of the Georgia bill.

He then went on to attack President Biden, accusing him of deliberately lying to the public in order to stir up racial tensions, which is the very same thing that he accused former President Donald Trump of doing throughout his first term.

Christie concluded his argument by hitting the nail on the Democrat’s head, stating that their true desire to alter the election law in the state of Georgia is just to ensure that the state stays blue for as long as possible.

He claimed that the Democrats are planning on ‘manipulating minority voters’, a tactic they have been using for several years.

As the Democrats continue to attack the integrity of the electoral process in the state of Georgia, they may want to head to the polls, with their new voter base slowly slipping away from their grasp.