A video has begun to circle around online, a video that may have damming consequences for President Joe Biden and the Democratic party.

Over the past several weeks, the Biden Administration, which is yet to hit 100 days in office, has found itself at the crux of a serious border dilemma.

The President ran on a promise of amnesty for all those who have entered the United States illegally, and that promise has now started to backfire.

Biden was forced to reopen many of the migrant facilities that he, and many other Democrats, have been condemning over the past few years, as immigrants from all corners of Central and Southern America come flocking into the States.

These facilities are now overflowing, with many operating way above their intended capacity.

Now, a recently resurfaced video from 2015 shows that the then Vice-President Biden was planning this very dilemma all along.

Does Biden want to make the Caucasian race a minority?

Anybody who keeps up-to-date with the ins and outs of American politics knows that the Democrats absolutely love all forms of immigration, without taking a second thought about the possible consequences.

The crisis at the southern border is unrelenting, but is that what President Biden has been wanting all along?

A video that has recently resurfaced online may prove just that.

In this video from 2015, Vice-President Joe Biden is speaking to a committee in the White House, where the subject of immigration gets brought up.

This is where the Vice-President inadvertently ‘spills the beans’ of his future plans for the country, as he claims that an ‘unrelenting stream of immigration’ would be a good thing for the United States.

He then goes onto claim that this ‘non-stop’ stream of immigration would, by 2017, make ‘Caucasians like me’ the minority race in the country, whilst reiterating again that this would be a good thing.

The consequences

The fact that nobody on the left nor the right picked up Biden’s 2015 comments and made them mainstream in the 2020 election is just a small part of a series of consequences that the words, and now actions of the President will cause to the US.

Biden’s plan, much like that of former President Barack Obama, is to effectively create a ‘country within a country’, by importing vast numbers of immigrants, illegal and legal, into the States.

Throughout his campaign, Biden promoted themes of unity and love, humanizing the immigrants who break the first law of entry in the US.

As a result, his campaign gained a strong voter base with sympathetic ideals to the issue of illegal immigration, a campaign that promised amnesty for all immigrants who had entered the US illegally, or who had been residing in the US illegally without a visa.

Now, the United States holds close to 300 sanctuary cities for illegal and undocumented migrants to live in, all at the expense of the American taxpayer, whilst plowing ahead with plans to make these illegals a protected class.

The warning signs started emerging in 2015 when Biden stated that it would be a good thing for the Caucasian race to become a minority in the United States, now, the country is facing dire consequences after electing a man that puts the needs of foreign nationals first over the needs of his own citizens.