White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has refused (shock!) to answer questions around the rhetoric being used by President Joe Biden regarding the Georgia election law bill, especially after statements made by the President have been debunked.

She also refused to answer questions on whether or not the President now regrets supporting the decision of Major League Baseball to withdraw the All-Star game from the state of Georgia, a move that will cost the economy $100 million.

The words of the President matter

The Democrats spent the last four years of the Trump presidency claiming that the words spoken by a President are important and matter.

Now, President Biden is mincing his words, and they have consequences…right?

The President has been making a number of false claims regarding the Georgia election law bill currently working its way through government.

These claims have been debunked, yet the President presses on with them anyway.

Biden claims that the bill will end voting hours at 5 pm, a time in which many working-class voters would have just finished their shift for the day, meaning they will be unable to vote on election day.

However, this turned out to be a big fat lie, after the Washington Post debunked the comments, showing that the law will allow counties to extend voting hours on election day.

When faced with the question of why Biden continues to parrot this lie, Psaki simply refused to answer, before attempting to deflect attention away from the President, stating that if the ‘fact checkers’ would look again, then they would see that the bill makes it tougher for people to vote, which is ‘where he has concerns.’

Major League Baseball

Psaki was then questioned about the President’s position on the decision made by MLB to move the upcoming All-Star game out of Georgia, potentially costing the state economy $100 million.

The President had previously expressed his support for the decision, but with the reveal that the economy in the state would suffer, the question was brought up again at Psaki’s briefing.

She, again, deflected from the question, explaining that the President was asked a question in a certain context and he responded how he wanted to.

She refused to address the reports that the state economy will suffer, continuing to state that the President simply answered a question in an interview.

Well, that question is set to cost Georgia close to $100 million, in a time of economic uncertainty, one would believe that the President would be doing all he can to set aside partisan squabbles in order to aid those who about to suffer because of his words.