The New York Times has been on the receiving end of some pretty hefty criticism from the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump after the outlet published an article that reported on the refunds issued by the Trump and Biden campaigns respectively.

The article reported that the refunds that were handed out by the Trump campaign and the Republican party were far greater than those handed out by the Biden campaign and the Democratic party, offering suggestions that the RNC had swindled Americans out of their own cash.

According to the article, the Trump campaign handed out refunds worth $64.3 million, whilst the Biden campaign refunded donors for an estimated $5.6 million.

How did Trump fire back?

Former President Donald Trump was not too pleased with the claims made in the Times article and hit back at the publisher in an open statement.

He claimed that the publisher had produced a ‘completely, misleading, one-sided attack piece’ that was attempting to belittle the ‘record-breaking’ funding raised from a grassroots level within the Republican party.

At the same time, he used this opportunity to once again promote the idea that voter fraud swayed the election in favor of Joe Biden, before going onto accuse the Times of ‘rushing to defend their Radical Left allies.’

Trump claims that the Republicans were able to ‘beat the Democrats at their own game’ when it came to small-dollar donations, reiterating that his campaign ‘would always lose’ small-dollar donations in the 2016 and in the 2020 elections.

Then, the former President went on the defensive when addressing rumors that the RNC had swindled Americans out of their donations.

Trump states that the campaign received too many donations to handle, claiming the enthusiasm for his movement was the highest it’s ever been.

He then backed up his claims with facts, stating that the dispute rate for campaign donations was less than 1%, meaning the majority of the money that was refunded was due to the fact the party and the campaign had received more money than they actually needed to operate.

He then goes onto claim that the New York Times actually knew about the tiny dispute rate, yet deliberately chose not to mention it in their article.

He finished off his statement by citing that all fundraising efforts were conducted legally, whilst the election was ‘rigged and stolen.’

The President then thanked all of the ‘record-setting 75 million Americans’ that supported his campaign, promising that the ‘best is yet to come.’