On Wednesday evening, the U.S. administration announced that David Chipman would be nominated to be the next head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF).

A former employee of a gun control advocacy group Giffords, Chipman was described by CNN as a devoted proponent of gun control policies.

Chipman will fill in the ATF director’s seat after Regina Lombardo’s six-year term as an Acting Director.

The announcement of Chipman’s candidacy sparked numerous criticism from the proponents of gun possession freedom.

They pointed out that the new director might introduce policies that would unfairly punish gun owners who obeyed the law without endangering anyone.

Tackling the gun violence

The announcement of Chipman’s nomination came at the time when the U.S. administration issued an order which instructs the Department of Justice (DOJ) to introduce background checks on homemade weapons known as ‘ghost guns.’

The policy will likely involve the introduction of serial numbers that would track weapons.

Furthermore, the administration instructed DOJ to clarify when some kinds of pistols, such as AR and AK, should be classified as short-barreled rifles.

The reason for this policy has to do everything with the fact that AR and AK pistols usually exceed the barrel requirement of 16 inches minimum, as required by the National Firearms Act (NFA).

This policy, along with the gun legislation proposals for ‘red flag’ states, is expected to be launched in the next two months.

The administration further pledged to investigate and propose evidence-based solutions to gun violence in American communities.

It reiterated that homicide rates have been increasing across the country, adding that an annual report dealing with firearm trafficking would be published soon.

The White House also invited U.S. lawmakers to take a decisive stance and ban assault weapons and abolish the immunity from liability gun manufacturers possess.

Even though House members voted in favor of gun control reforms of this sort, the unity of Republicans in their opposition to the law changes make Senate adoption of reforms - unlikely.

With the improvement of gun control being one of his campaign promises, it is clear that Biden tries to do everything in his power to push Republican Senators to vote in favor of stricter gun laws.

Yet, most of them still view any crucial amendments to the law as an attack against the Second Constitutional Amendment and, as such, present an insurmountable obstacle to the realization of Biden’s goals.