It is a pattern that has been often observed, and that gun rights defenders point to with pride and satisfaction: Every time that the mere threat or possibility of new gun control measures loom, American’s rush out to buy guns in droves.

In the month of March, background checks for gun sales have climbed to an all-time record high. Not only is the danger of Biden forcing through some kind of unconstitutional gun control through executive action propelling this surge, but so is the fact that people — thanks to the $1,400 stimulus checks that they recently received — now have plenty of additional money to spend.

Americans Rush Out to Buy Guns?

According to U.S. News and World Report, the FBI says that it has had to conduct nearly 4.7 million gun purchase background checks in the month of March alone.

This blows the previous monthly record, established in January of 2021, out of the water.

U.S. News and World Report also add that, “March’s background checks represent a 36% increase from February, which saw about 3.44 million checks. Additionally, nearly 1 million more background checks took place last month than in March 2020.”

As mentioned, the possibility that Biden will enact harsh gun control measures — using a string of recent mass shootings as the pretext to do so — is the main driver of the flood to buy guns.

How Likely Is Biden’s Gun Control Push to Succeed?

Biden has already mentioned that he intends to restrict Americans’ Constitutional and natural rights to own firearms and defend themselves. And since it has become well-established that Biden prefers to circumvent the Constitutionally-mandated legislative process and simply enact things by fiat through executive orders, gun-loving and freedom-loving Americans are understandably worried.

Indeed, on Thursday, April 8, Biden already announced a few gun-control-related executive orders. One was intended to restrict the manufacture of homemade firearms. Guns can be built at home using either a group of separately purchased gun parts and an assembly machine or can be manufactured totally from scratch using increasingly sophisticated 3D printer technology. Because such guns do not have serial numbers and are untraceable, they are referred to as “ghost guns.”

One of Biden’s executive orders restricts the manufacture of these ghost guns. Another expands the ability of states to enact so-called “red flag laws” — laws which can prevent people from purchasing weapons if they have criminal histories or a history of mental illness, though critics point out that virtually any excuse at all can be manufactured to deny someone the right to purchase a gun under these sorts of provisions.

Democrat-controlled states, where gun rights are already generally heavily restricted, will certainly make use of the expanded powers that this new Biden executive order gives them, which Republican-controlled states probably won’t.

If these don’t seem like the sweeping gun control reforms that the left threatened the country with, that’s because, thankfully, they aren’t. If Biden were to introduce harsher measures by executive fiat, Republican-controlled states would essentially revolt. There’s also no way that Republicans in either the House or the Senate would back any federal gun control legislation.

At the moment, therefore, this appears to be all that Biden can do.