It has by now long been said by perceptive analysts of the left that whatever the left accuses its enemies of doing is what the left is actually doing itself.

In light of recent events, it might be instructive to focus for a minute on the left’s claim that former president Donald Trump ruled like a dictator.

If Trump was such a dictator, why did he allow the media to criticize him and even lie about him, so relentlessly? If Trump was such a dictator, why did nearly everyone in his government, from Bill Barr to Anthony Fauci, work tirelessly to obstruct him and make sure that he accomplished as little as possible? A dictator would have not only fired such people for insubordination but would have probably had them arrested. Yet Trump endured all of this and more.

Why is this important to remember now? Because Biden has just signed yet another executive order. This one is intended to form a “Presidential Commission on the Supreme Court of the United States, comprised of a bipartisan group of experts on the Court and the Court reform debate.”

Translation: Biden — or, more accurately, his handlers — are fishing for excuses to pack the Supreme Court.

The Prelude to Court-Packing

In 2016, the political establishment suffered an enormous humiliation from which they have still not recovered. Donald Trump — who was never supposed to win — became the President of the United States. After this, the political establishment was committed to doing everything possible to make sure that nothing like this could ever happen again.

Now that Trump has been removed and Biden installed, the Democrats’ next move is to make sure that the people are never able to threaten their hold on power again. That is ultimately the purpose of legislation like HR1, which would virtually institutionalize election fraud. And that is also the purpose behind this latest executive order from Biden.

When running for president, Biden was repeatedly asked whether he would pack the Court, and he refused to answer the question. Biden wants to start the process of packing the Supreme Court so that Democrats can rig the entire American political system in their favor.