Former Republican Governor Chris Christie has become quite a favorite of late with his appearances on ABC, and the manner in which he uses his air time to expose the inconvenient truths about the Biden presidency.

A few weeks ago, the former New Jersey Governor appeared on ABC’s ‘This Week’ program, to expose the truth about why President Joe Biden was using abhorrent language to attack the Georgia state voting laws.

Now, Christie has returned to the popular Sunday show, this time taking aim at the President’s so-called ‘infrastructure’ plan, in front of a highly left-leaning panel.

The Christie Show

Christie appeared on the show hosted once again by George Stephanopoulos, who once served as an advisor to former President Bill Clinton.

Joining George and Christie on the panel were former Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel as well as two reporters; ABC’s own congressional correspondent Rachel Scott, alongside New York Times’s Maggie Haberman.

Shortly into the debate, Emanuel claimed, without substantial evidence, that President Biden’s infrastructure plan was ‘very, very popular’ with voters, as well as being a popular plan amongst ‘a third of the Republican party.’

After he made this baseless claim, Emanuel then went on to attack Republicans, claiming they were attempting to ‘divert everything out of way from the actual discussion’ regarding the infrastructure package proposed by the President.

This is where Christie decided to chime in, dissecting the proposal and calling out the President’s lies.

He claims that the plan will force unionization in all states, before stating that this will lead to a forced increase in Medicaid payments, laughing off the ‘infrastructure’ label.

He then goes onto the examine the President’s language, accusing him of not telling the truth to the American people about the infrastructure package.

The phrases used, such as ‘care economy’ and ‘care infrastructure’ are, what Christie labels as, a load of ‘baloney.’


Shocking right?

A President of the United States telling a lie!

Since Biden’s been in the game long enough, he knows how it works.

Democrats and young lefties alike believe that it is impossible that ‘holy Biden’ would ever tell a lie, after all, he is going to unify the entire country (or those who agree with him) right?

Now, Stephanopoulos took grave offense to Christie’s accusation of lying, as he attempted to play off the word, asking him if he would like to change it.

Naturally, Christie refused and doubled down on his usage of the word, using former President Donald Trump as a comparison.

He stated that if Trump had lied, then there would be a national uproar, which there was.

He states since that it is the unifier Joe Biden who is lying now, then somehow that makes it all ok, when in reality, it’s just as bad.

Christie’s concerns about the infrastructure plan were also echoed by sitting Senate Democrat Joe Manchin, who suggested that many Senate Democrats could oppose the plan in its current form, giving Biden yet another headache to deal with.