Republican Attorneys General Vow to Push Back on Biden Executive Orders

President Joe Biden is going to encounter a tough road ahead of him as he works to pass through his aggressive agenda. A handful of Republican attorneys general is pushing back on the series of executive orders, vowing to legally challenge some of the legislation when it reaches their states.

Last Line of Defense

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry is one of the state leaders working to launch legal action against the president and his team. Some of the issues that the attorneys general plan to fight to include immigration and gun control.

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is another Republican prepared to go to battle against the Democratic agenda.

Knudsen said that he is focused on fighting Biden’s tendency to simply rely on executive orders to push through his wishes. Like many other Republican leaders, Knudsen believes that the red states are the last line of defense against this highly partisan agenda advocated by the Biden administration.

Record Number of Executive Orders

Biden has been a busy man since taking his seat in the Oval Office on January 20. In less than three months, he has already issued 38 executive orders. This number compares to 23 for former president Donald Trump, 18 for Barack Obama, and eight for George W. Bush during the same time period.

One of the most controversial orders involved rescinding the federal permit for the popular Keystone XL Pipeline. Knudsen was the first of 21 state leaders to sue the White House over this particular order.

There are also plans in motion to battle Biden over his executive orders regarding immigration, tax cuts, and gun rights.