A Dallas hair salon owner won a big victory on Friday, putting big government in its place. Shelly Luther garnered national headlines last year when she refused to close her salon despite her city’s lockdown orders.

On Friday, the Texas Supreme Court delivered a big win for Luther when they ruled that the state district judge was wrong when he issued a restraining order against Luther.

Details of Restraining Order

State District Judge Eric Moyé had originally ordered Luther to close her salon during the citywide COVID-19 lockdowns. Luther was issued a $7,000 fine after refusing to close her salon. She was also ordered to seven days in jail for being in violation of the order. However, she only served two of these days after the state’s Supreme Court ordered that she be released.

The Texas Supreme Court justices said that Moyé’s order did not say what specific laws Luther broke, making it too vague.

Luther’s Arguments

Luther argued that it was her right to continue to work. She said that she had to work in order to feed her kids. Luther also took offense to the judge, who called her selfish for not wanting to close her salon, asserting that she has great respect for America and its laws.

Luther said that lawmakers have the responsibility to protect small business owners.

What Is Next for Luther

The legal battles are not yet over for Luther. She still faces a fight with the city of Dallas. The city sued her last April for her refusal to close. However, she later countersued. The trial is now on the docket for December 14.