Immigration Crisis Continues to Grow

One of the biggest challenges that the team of President Joe Biden has faced during his short time in office has come at the US border with Mexico. A major immigration crisis has unfolded as thousands of migrants continue to flood the border.

The month of March saw a record number of immigrants taken into custody after crossing the border. Most concerning was the approximately 20,000 unaccompanied minors. Of this number, about 15,500 remain in custody with the US Customs and Border Protection agency.

White House Submits Request for Funding

On Friday, the Biden administration submitted a $1.5 trillion discretionary funding request. This funding request is asking for a significant amount of money to pay for the thousands of minor migrants who are now in US custody. In addition, the funding would fund the need to process requests for citizenship and asylum claims more quickly.

Kamala Harris Heading Up Crisis Response

Biden has put Vice President Kamala Harris in charge of the crisis at the border. However, she has yet to hold a press conference or indicate how she plans on addressing the problem. Officials in both Texas and Arizona have asked the vice president to visit and address the press. According to a report from NBC News, Harris is working behind the scenes to deal with the growing problem.

Details of Funding Request

There have been few details released regarding the funding request. The one thing that is certain is that it does not include any money allocated for wall construction along the border. Instead, the administration plans to transform the ports of entry and improve the processing speed of migrants as they cross the border.