Democratic Party Working Overtime to Woo Over Corporations in the Name of Social Justice

The Democratic Party is finally wising up and attempting to create a divide between the GOP and Corporate America. For decades, American corporations and Republican leaders have walked in lockstep. However, Democrats are now seizing on the concept of social justice to court these corporations and create a divide between the GOP and Corporate America.

All-Star Game Change of Location Exemplifies Issue

This growing divide is perfectly exemplified by the decision by Major League Baseball (MLB) to move its July 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta to Denver. The decision was made in protest of the recent passage of new voter restriction laws in the state of Georgia. What followed this decision was hundreds of companies following the lead of MLB and boycotting the state of Georgia.

Climate Change Up Next

Now, these corporations are flexing their power to align with President Joe Biden on climate change. On Tuesday, 310 executives sent a letter to Biden asking him to boost federal standards so that the US can decrease emissions by 50% below the levels measured in 2005 within the next decade. In addition, the letter requested that Biden take action to lower emissions to net-zero by 2050. The executives are part of a broader group known as the We Mean Business Coalition.

Republicans Should Act Now

As the Democrats continue to woo these corporate leaders, Republicans are continuing to take this past business support for granted. In order to preserve the campaign funding and support that Corporate America provides, the GOP needs to work to win back over this traditional alliance between Republicans and big business.