Hassan Shibly, a 34-year-old former head of the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), had to resign as a result of sexual harassment and assault accusations multiple women raised against him.

Even though Shibly has left office soon after the first allegations came out, many women who claimed to be his victims expressed their dissatisfaction with the way CAIR handled the situation.

Jinan Shbat, a woman who worked for CAIR until 2020, described the organization as lethargic regarding the action against sexual violence.

She said that CAIR resorted to the policy of believing Shibly instead of several women who accused him.

Six women who reportedly were the victims of Shibly’s behavior gave an interview to NPR’s reported Leila Fadel.

They described Shibly as a man who used his position to take advantage of women and denigrate people who opposed him.

Even Shibly’s still legal wife, Imane Sadrati, testified that she has gone through physical violence during their marriage.

She also said that, at one moment, Shibly stopped financially supporting her, which proved to be particularly troublesome given the fact that she is a mother of three.

Sadrati filed for divorce when she found out that Shibly secretly married three other women while he was in a marriage with her.

Married four women!

Kyla McRoberts is one of the women Shibly seemingly married in secrecy.

McRoberts told reporters that she believed Shibly used his position as a Muslim leader and her naïve willingness to become a devout Muslim to make her marry him.

They eventually entered a religious marriage over the phone.

The fact that Shibly visited her only during his business trips made McRoberts aware that Shibly’s legal wife Sadrati did not know about the marriage.

McRoberts said that her self-worth became damaged during the marriage, especially when Shibly forcefully tried to have sex with her.

Laila Abdelaziz is another woman who publicly spoke about Shibly’s behavior.

She said that Shibly tried to make moves on her several times during her work as a CAIR Florida staffer between 2014 and 2016.

What particularly horrified her was when she saw that Shibly secretly took photographs of flight attendants in short skirts.

Denying the claims

Former CAIR Florida chapter director mostly responded by denying the allegations leveled against him.

Shibly accused his legal wife Sadrati of being the one who physically abused him, trying to prove the alleged violence with photos.

On the other hand, he described McRoberts’s claims as shamefully untrue and ridiculous.

He even denied taking pictures of young flight attendants, as well as abusing any women.

Shibly added that if anyone suffered from violence, it was him.