Chip Roy, a Republican Representative from Texas, has recently initiated a legal action to classify drug-dealing groups as Foreign Terror Organizations (FTO).

Roy’s bill is titled the ‘Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act’ and should hold on a federal level.

Some factions of Los Zetas and the notorious Gulf Cartel are among the organizations that could be addressed by the act.

If introduced, the bill is expected to contribute to the more effective dealing with the groups that endanger public safety.

‘America has to stand up.’

The new bill is coming as a response to the increasing violence various gangs have exhibited in recent months near the U.S.-Mexican border.

Roy explained that the decision to arrive with the proposal comes after his numerous talks with people acquainted with the situation at the border.

The Texas Representative said that many former agents of the Department of Public Safety (DPS) told him how the violence of border cartels has become unprecedentedly violent, with many innocent people ending up being the victims of human and sex trafficking.

Roy illustrated the border situation by telling a story of a woman from San Antonio who gang members kidnapped and tortured with photos of her husband’s murdered body.

The Republican Representative emphasized that cartels even infiltrated into suburban communities, threatening to cause even more trouble.

He invited lawmakers from Texas and federal institutions to stand up against the cartel violence, pointing to his bill proposal as a way to tackle the issue.

The Representative stressed that both the U.S. and Mexico are being threatened by border cartels, comparing these organizations to ISIS and al-Qaida.

Earlier this year, Roy criticized the current U.S. administration for failing to address the border crisis.

He described the Biden Administration policy as a creation of a ‘welcome mat’ for people illegally coming to the country.

The Republican Representative accused the Biden Administration of endangering both American citizens and other immigrants with its open border policy.

Roy also pointed out that lots of COVID-19 positive migrant children arrived at the border because of this policy, thus further threatening public safety.