Speaking to Tucker Carlson on the night of Tuesday, April 13, Fox News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume unleashed a storm of withering and impassioned criticism against American corporations who have succumbed to the fad of wokeism.

Brit Hume Unleashed

Although woke capitalism has been an annoying feature of American life for some time now — starting with corporations making self-serving commercials where they virtue-signal their embrace of the latest trendy left-wing political cause — the phenomenon has steadily been growing more insidious.

It’s not uncommon now for political dissidents who are critical of the left to be thrown out of their jobs on ridiculous pretexts, to be blacklisted by banks and other crucial services, to have their social media accounts shut down and deleted, and so on.

But the specific occasion for Hume’s comments has been the united march of corporate America against Georgia’s new voting law. Despite misinformation and outright lies having been spread about the bill to the effect that it infringes on the rights of minority voters and somehow targets them, absolutely nothing like this is actually the case.

Instead, the bill demands and enacts a few modest election security measures that should have already long been in place, like mandating ID checks for those who want absentee ballots, severely limiting the use of ballot drop boxes, and so on. The only reason why anyone would oppose ID checks for voting is if they want to cheat in elections.

But American corporations have been marching lock, stock and barrel to punish and boycott Georgia for its efforts to prevent election fraud of the kind that certainly happened in 2020.

Speaking to Tucker Carlson, Hume accused American woke corporations of “lying to themselves — the lie… being that laws like the one in Georgia — there are others — are akin to Jim Crow, that they’re designed to suppress the vote.”

Hume might have pointed out other ways American corporations are lying to themselves too. They’re also lying to themselves about being the good guys in this struggle. While accusing others of resurrecting Jim Crow, they are in fact the ones who take Jim Crow-like actions by refusing political dissidents the right to access many of their services, thereby effectively excluding them from society.

And most fundamentally of all, American corporations are lying to themselves by thinking that they can placate the left. But in the end, their empty virtue signaling will not save them, and the woke left will eventually come for them as well. To the left, corporations have always represented power, and the left is extraordinarily keen on seizing power.