The coalition of open-borders interests in the Democratic Party — from business leaders hungry for cheap labor to racial identity and grievance activists who want to alter America’s demographics — just scored yet another huge win.

Previously, Biden’s top advisors had indicated that the total number of migrants admitted to the US in 2021 under refugee status would be capped at 15,000. Now, the Biden Administration has completely reversed that policy.

Unlimited Refugees?

In an official statement released on the afternoon of April 17, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki discussed this sudden change in policy. She said that while “[t]he president’s directive today has been the subject of some confusion… [w]e expect the president to set a final increased refugee cap for the remainder of this fiscal year by May 15.”

In short, we don’t know what new refugee quota Biden will announce, and cynics may suspect that he is being purposely vague and shifty. What we do know is that on the day before Psaki’s announcement, members of Biden’s team held conference calls with refugee and immigration advocates.

According to two people who were part of the call, White House Deputy National Security Advisor Jon Finer assured the refugee advocates that the administration would work not only to raise the refugee quota but to resettle the refugees and migrants who have arrived as quickly as possible.

The usual suspects, like NY Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Democratic Senators Bob Melendez and Dick Durbin, also excoriated Biden’s earlier decision to cap the number of refugees at 15,000.

It is almost certainly in response to this combined pressure that the Biden administration has reversed itself.

Of course, we know what all of this really means in practice. In practice, endless numbers of Third World migrants will be admitted to the US, and as many of them will be called “refugees” as possible. The reason why Biden’s team is not giving us any hard numbers on how many refugee slots it wants to create is that providing hard numbers would impose at least some limit on immigration policy.

For the ideologues and business interests of the Biden administration, the more, the better. Nothing can be allowed to limit that goal.

Moreover, the word “refugee” is often a weasel word used to manipulate people’s emotions.

While many people who are part of this recent migrant inflow do face extreme poverty in their home countries, being poor does not make you a refugee. Even those people who have faced persecution by the likes of drug cartels are obligated, if they really are refugees, to claim asylum in the first country that will have them. But they have not done that. They have chosen to go to the US, and the reason why is obvious.

As many predicted, we are now set to live under a regime of de facto open borders.