Gavin Newsom Says President Biden Modeling Homeless Solution Off of His Approach

In a weird flex, California Gov. Gavin Newsom recently bragged that his state’s homeless policy is now the national model under the administration of President Joe Biden. Using Twitter, Newsom said that the Biden administration is now taking a page from the California homeless crisis and moving the population into hotel rooms. The plan then converts these facilities to permanent shelters to keep them off of the streets.

Details of Story

The impetus behind Newsom’s Twitter boast came over the weekend following a story in the New York Times. The liberal newspaper detailed how the Biden team is trying to replicate what California has tried to do to control the surging homeless issue throughout the state.

The story contains a significant amount of inconsistencies. The author admits that Newsom was only able to make a dent in the homeless population. While it is true that there are fewer people on the streets in San Francisco as a result of the program, the number of homeless in Los Angeles has ballooned recently.

Irony of Statement

The irony of Newsom’s statement is that California is still struggling with getting the homeless problem under control. While recent statistics are not available because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the number of homeless people increased exponentially just prior to the health crisis.

Despite what Newsom says his government has been able to accomplish to combat the problem, residents of the Golden State still list the homeless crisis as one of the top three issues. It is no surprise to learn that Newsom is also facing a recall in his state.