The ‘living hurricane’, a Congresswoman Maxine Waters, may just have granted Derek Chauvin a literal ‘get out of jail free’ card after her inflammatory comments at a Black Lives Matter riot in Brooklyn Center, Minnesota over the weekend.

Judge Peter Cahill, after rejecting grounds for a mistrial for the comments made by Waters regarding the case and members of the jury, declared that Defence Attorney Eric Nelson may have grounds to move for an appeal against a potential conviction if the jury finds Derek Chauvin guilty this week, allowing for the possibility of the entire trial and verdict to be overturned.

What did Waters say?

Waters, a Congresswoman for the city of LA, California, crossed state lines into Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, in order to incite violence throughout the city if Derek Chauvin is acquitted in his trial this week.

The city of Brooklyn Center has been at the heart of proceedings over the last week after a police officer shot dead a black man who was resisting arrest, 10 miles outside Minneapolis, the scene where George Floyd died last summer, which sparked Black Lives Matter riots and protests across the country.

Hurricane Waters entered the scene on Saturday night when a Black Lives Matter protest was taking place in the city.

Speaking to reporters and citizens attending the protest, she stated that she was very hopeful that a guilty verdict would be reached, yet she displayed her ignorance for the trial after she claimed Chauvin was going to be found guilty of murder in the first degree.

Then, after a reporter asked her what protesters should do in the event of an acquittal or a lesser charge, Waters decided to do the very same thing she and many other Democrats accused former President Donald Trump of doing in January; inciting violence.

She called for protesters and rioters to remain in the streets, to be more active, and to be more confrontational, declaring that ‘they need to know we mean business.’

The consequences of her calls

A United States Representative should not be attempting to interfere with judicial proceedings, no matter what the case is, a point that was made very clear by Defence Attorney Eric Nelson and Judge Peter Cahill.

Not only did Waters cross state lines to incite violence in a city she does not represent, but she also flogged the state’s curfew rules as part of their Covid restrictions, a policy that she has been supportive of in the past.

Democrats like to say that words matter, and in this case, the words of Hurricane Waters have already had a determinantal effect.

She departed shortly after her ‘speech’ to reporters and rioters, to which the rioters responded to her call for action.

A couple of hours after her departure, two National Guard officers were injured after they were hit by glass shrapnel when they were shot at during an intense drive-by shooting.

As a result of her words and the violence that followed, Judge Peter Cahill angrily hit out at the Congresswoman as proceedings came to end over the weekend.

He criticized her for mentioning the trial, and for attempting to influence the opinions of the jury, who no doubt would have heard what the Congresswoman had to say.

Upon rejecting Nelson’s appeal for a mistrial, Cahill stated that the defense may have grounds to move for an appeal if Chauvin is convicted, all thanks to the comments made by Waters.

One member of the jury has already been released from their duties as they were a resident of Brooklyn Center. Another juror is expected to be released this week due to their ties to the city.