A lot of commentators of American politics can come to an agreement with the fact that the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump was a complete circus act that was meant only for the cameras.

Now, one of the key points used by the Democrats to impeach Trump on January 13th has been completely disproved.

Officer Sickneck story

The Democrats claimed in their charging document that rioters at Capitol Hill on January 6th had killed a Capitol Police officer; Brian Sickneck.

This claim was parroted by many mainstream media outlets, including the likes of CNN, who claimed that Sickneck had died from wounds inflicted by a fire extinguisher.

However, the falsehoods that have plagued his family after his death have finally been put to rest, after the medical examiner of his case confirmed in a report that Sickneck had suffered from two strokes after the events, had not received any physical injuries, and had died in hospital of natural causes.

After the events of Capitol Hill, many questions were raised regarding the circumstances of death relating to officer Sickneck, as he was to be the only police causality from the riots.

Many questions were asked regarding whether or not he was actually struck on the head by a fire extinguisher, yet the media ran with that narrative anyway.

They pursued this ‘theory’ over the coming weeks, despite the fact that Pro Publica had been informed by his family on January 8th that he had suffered from a stroke shortly after the events and had collapsed in his office.

The media actively chose to ignore this report, instead decided to continue on with the false stories of fire extinguisher violence.

The troubling issue

The lies of the media always get unraveled in the end, and the same can be said about this abhorrent lie.

It wasn’t until February that many media outlets began to report the true circumstances of Sickneck’s death, with CNN admitting on Feb.2nd that there was no blunt force trauma involved and that the story about the fire extinguisher had been completely made up.

Now, the medical examiner of Sickneck’s case has been able to reveal the true cause of his death, in a report released on April 19th, 3 and a half months after he passed.

The report revealed that there was no evidence of blunt force trauma contributing to his deterioration, after the officer suffered a stroke in his office, before dying of natural causes a day later.

However, this brings up true questions regarding the impeachment trial of President Trump, which began on the 9th of February, a week after these false stories were debunked.

In the charging documents, Democrats claim that an officer was killed by rioters at Capitol Hill, something we all now know is false.

The most troubling aspect of this is that the report given by the medical examiner was made available before the impeachment trial, yet Democrats opted to completely ignore it, instead pushing on with their lies.

Now that the true nature of Sickneck’s death has been revealed to the public, voters will now know that the Democrats lied and created falsehoods about his death in order to attack President Trump, with the help of the mainstream media and anyone who had a serious agenda against the former President.

Shame on them.