Former President Donald Trump sat down this week for his first television interview since leaving the White House, where he offered his views on a plethora of different topics.

The interview took place on Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News, a network that received numerous praises and also criticisms from the Trump Administration over the last four years.

What did former President Trump say?

Hannity kicked off the interview by bringing up the physical health of the current commander-in-chief, President Joe Biden, stating that Biden looks ‘extraordinarily frail’.

Trump tiptoed around the question, appearing as if he wanted to be respectful to his successor.

However, Trump did state that the reaction of the media, to Biden falling up the stairs of Air Force One last month, was not surprising whatsoever, after many mainstream media outlets moved on from the story almost immediately.

He points out that, after he slipped down a ramp at West Point, the media covered the story for days on end, attempting to analyze his physical health and determine if he was fit for office at the time.

For the Biden story, the media dropped it as quick as they could, in order to protect the President.

Trump finished the segment by claiming that if Biden was Republican, then the media would’ve gone crazy, as they did with him.

Foreign policy and the border

The former President also weighed in on issues such as foreign policy and the crisis at the southern border. He stated that it is very important to have good relationships with the likes of Russia, China, and North Korea, claiming that his relationships with their three leaders were, and are, ‘very good.’

He then analyzed the issues that America is currently facing abroad, such as China raising tensions in Taiwan and Russia raising tensions with Ukraine.

Trump stated that these subjects were never at the forefront when he was President, and that was down to his positive relationships with those nations.

In regards to the border, he expressed sorrow for the scenes that were occurring at the Donna facility in Texas, which is currently operating over 700% of its intended capacity.

He praised his previous policies and stated that the reversal of these policies has caused chaos at the southern border.

The former President refused to state, numerous times, if he would run again in 2024, however, he stated that, with the issues currently being faced by the Biden Administration, that the people of the US are starting to see the problems with the current President, claiming his numbers are better than ever.

Will he run again?

Watch this space for sure.