Jen Psaki Refuses to Directly Address Remarks by Waters

The White House is steering clear of inserting itself into the drama created by Rep. Maxine Waters over the weekend. Press Secretary Jen Psaki refused to directly address what President Joe Biden thinks about Waters’ controversial comments regarding the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial.

What Waters Said and Why it Matters

During a protest on Saturday, the Democratic representative from the state of California was asked how activists should respond if Chauvin is not convicted of the murder of George Floyd last May. Waters did not mince words when she said that the activists should “stay on the street.” It was an interesting comment that defies what even Floyd’s family has said as it encourages peace during this heated time.

In addition, Waters said that the activists should get “confrontational,” signaling her belief that violent protests are acceptable.

Psaki Put on Spot

During the daily White House press conference on Monday, Psaki was asked by CNN reporter Kaitlin Collins whether or not the president agreed with the sentiments expressed by Waters. As expected, Psaki delicately sidestepped the question.

Instead, Psaki simply reiterated the president’s belief that systemic racism must be confronted in this nation. While she said that Biden supports the right of Americans to protest, she emphasized that it must be done peacefully.

Jury in Deliberation

The jury in the case of the alleged murder of Floyd heard the closing remarks on Monday in Minneapolis. The deliberations began later in the day and picked up again on Tuesday. The verdict in the case could come at any time, putting the nation on edge as to what might transpire as a result.