It is in no way a new insight that religion is perhaps the single most potent unifying force in society. Astute and insightful cultural commentators have long known this to be the case.

And since it is the case, to borrow and slightly twist a statement attributed to Voltaire, it follows that if a religion does not exist, it will be necessary to invent one.

In the wake of the entire situation involving George Floyd, Nancy Pelosi has certainly done her part to invent that religion.

Leftism is a Christian Heresy

The crazed and psychotic behavior of the far left becomes immediately understandable once you see its ideology as a kind of ersatz religion.

This religion has its equivalent of sin (racism) and even of original sin (“white privilege”). Just like original sin in Christian theology, the left declares that “white privilege” is not the direct fault of any individuals who are living today but that all living today are polluted by it.

The left also has its demonology and its own special concept of evil. Just like Satan and his demonic minions in Christian theology, the ultimate evil of “racism” is everywhere and is responsible for everything that goes wrong in the world. Providing evidence against the idea that “racism” is responsible for some particular problem or observed disparity in society is of no use, for just like Satan, “racism” is an unfalsifiable concept.

When no direct evidence can be found that some hated or stigmatized person is a “racist,” it is simply declared that that person is “unconsciously biased,” that he is a “racist” without even realizing that he is one. The devil is wily, and his ways are unfathomable.

The left even has its own equivalent of the concept of demonic possession. It’s called “systemic racism.” Apparently, it is somehow possible for institutions to be “racist” even though none of the individuals who staff them are “racists” themselves. Somehow, institutions are structured in a way that allows them to possess otherwise decent people and force them to behave in a “racist” manner.

Last but not least, the left also has its saints and martyrs. The latest and most prominent of these is George Floyd. The fact that Floyd was a convicted armed robber who overdosed on drugs on multiple occasions and that he almost certainly overdosed again before his death is utterly ignored by the left. Instead, his character has been whitewashed and made to seem immaculate. The left now genuflects before his image.

This is why Nanci Pelosi could make statements like “Thank you, George Floyd, for sacrificing your life for justice,” in the wake of the verdict in the Chauvin trial. One would think that Floyd had allowed himself to be crucified.

The claim that left-wing ideology is a form of secularized Christian heresy is not a new observation, but it is an important one. The left is a cult.