The crisis at the southern border has been a lingering issue for President Joe Biden since the day of his inauguration when he overturned numerous Trump border policies in order to look righteous.

Now, he is facing the fruit of his failings, as the situation at the border worsens by the day.

However, sensible Democrat and Republican Senators have put on their hats, rolled up their sleeves, and are determined to solve an issue that, until recently, the President had refused to acknowledge.

The Bill to save the border

Senators John Cornyn of Texas and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona put party politics to one side to create a joint, bipartisan bill that would seek to improve upon the lackluster response of the federal government to the border crisis.

The Bipartisan Border Solutions Act, introduced by the Republican and Democrat Senators, will look to increase capacity at many migrant facilities to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants crossing over, as well as resolving numerous, backlogged asylum claims in a hasty manner.

The bill will also look at ways to deter migration of those who will be unlikely to be granted an asylum claim, in order to ease the possibility of this crisis worsening.

Finally, the bill will improve upon ways that unaccompanied migrant children are dealt with and protected after a facility in San Antonio faced horrific claims of child sexual abuse.

This bill follows a failed bipartisan bill that was introduced in the House, that would have demanded the Biden Administration to publish a comprehensive strategy to combat the crisis, as well as allocating nearly $1 billion in aid to that fight.

However, the bill didn’t even make it to the House floor for debate.

Not Republican or Democrat, but American problem!

Both Senators were unreservedly proud of the efforts made to introduce this bill, with Sen. Sinema stating that the crisis at the border was an ‘American problem’ and not a separate party issue.

She speaks from her first-hand experience of representing a border state that suffers as a direct result of this crisis, a crisis which she claims has been plaguing the country for decades.

She concluded her statement by expressing her pride for the bill which, in her words, will support border state communities, secure the southern border, and treat all crossing migrants and children ‘fairly and humanely.’

Cornyn added to her statement, addressing the first-hand experience he has seen on the southern border.

He states that this bill is necessary, even more so now after Border Patrol agents estimated that the crisis is only going to get worse after March saw the highest influx of illegal immigrants for over 20 years.