Dem. Ocasio-Cortez held her monthly town hall meeting on Friday, where she discussed many topics, including the first 100 days of the Biden administration, and the results it achieved.

Ocasio-Cortez stressed that the Biden administration, despite the low expectations of far-leftists (or progressives as the AOC calls them), managed to positively impress everyone.

AOC said the far left expected a much more conservative government, however, Biden reassured them by cooperating since day one, and throughout all 100 days of his term so far.

Conservative political critics are surprised by Ocasio Cortez’s expectations and comments, as the self-proclaimed moderate president has been already labeled as the greatest far-left leaning president in American history by the leftist media.

Even the left is surprised by Biden’s migrant policy

Ocasio Cortez’s comments are not surprising if we consider Biden’s immigration policy.

The southern US border practically stands as a scenographic element that serves no purpose, and this is exactly the kind of performance advocated by the AOC and the far left.

However, the open-border policy, despite the denials of the left-wing media, Joe Biden, and Ocasio Cortez, is creating more and more problems not only for the U.S. but also for the Mexican government.

Mexican intelligence services operating under the left-wing Mexican government state that Biden’s policies create additional opportunities for the growth of organized crime, a claim supported by officials on the other side of the border as well, who reported growth in drug and people trafficking, and sexual harassment of children.

Democratic Representative of Texas, Vicente Gonzalez, warns of an even worse scenario after over 5,000 people successfully crossed the border after 2 years of waiting, which many migrants from South and Central America could interpret as an open welcome.

The Biden administration’s response to these warnings?

Increase the migration rate to 800%!

U.S. officials expect that by the end of the fiscal year, over 2,000,000 migrants consisted mostly of single adults will reach the U.S.-Mexico border.

Ocasio Cortez doesn’t seem to care about these numbers, just as she doesn’t care about the dangers experienced daily by children and others heading to the U.S. thanks to Biden’s open call.

The Covid crisis now seems like a ‘piece of cake’ compared to what awaits us.