Politico used to report the facts, the information, no matter what side was screwing up.

Now, it appears the leftist media bug has grown within the ranks of the ‘esteemed’ publisher.

How is this known? Well…

The editor doesn’t seem to want to report on the hot topics of American politics, despite there being so much to choose from.

No, they’d rather focus on the literal dictionary definition of a word, in order to cover the back of a President who is as incompetent as they get.

That’s right, the Politico editor is focusing on the textbook definition of the word ‘crisis,’ a word that perfectly sums up the current situation at the southern border.

Why do they care?

Last week, President Joe Biden finally acknowledged the CRISIS at the southern border, using the term to describe the situation when replying to a reporter.

Now, left-wing publications like Politico are scrambling all over the joint, confused as to whether they should continue misreporting and downplaying the CRISIS at the border, or to embrace the fruit of President Biden’s failings.

Well, it looks like Politico has finally made up their mind.

The editor of the publication took it upon themself this week to send a memo to staffers, ordering them not to use the term ‘crisis’ when writing about the CRISIS at the southern border.

The reason for this?

They believe the CRISIS at the southern border doesn’t accurately fit the textbook definition of what a crisis is, despite the fact that facilities are operating way above capacity, children are being sexually abused and the number of illegal crossing into the country has peaked higher than any year over the last 20 years.

Stop using ‘crisis’, but keep on with ‘racist’

Yet, a big issue for Politico is that they continue to use the term ‘racist’ to describe the situation around the new voting laws in Georgia, despite the fact it does not fit the textbook definition of racism.

Politico has easily shown their hand in this CRISIS and have inadvertently exposed themselves as a left-leaning outlet that now lacks the credibility to continue their jobs of informing the public.

President Biden may well have removed the bad optics from the border, however, migrants are still suffering, children are still being abused, and communities are still faltering all under his watch in one of the largest humanitarian CRISIS’ the states has ever seen.