The Veterans Memorial Coliseum, commonly known as the State Fairgrounds, is a focal point of the Republican requested 2020 Senate elections audit.

After days of recounting, a Maricopa County judge issued an order to pause all actions until it is ensured that all actions are in accordance with Arizona state law.

Usage of the forbidden black and blue ink pens

This order came after numerous reports on the fact that those recounting the votes were using black and blue ink pens, and as the Arizona law strictly prescribes, only red ink pens can be used to mark the ballots.

The reason?

These can’t be manipulated with tabulation machines.

The audit was requested by the GOP with more than 2.1 million ballots set to be hand recounted.

To ensure that everything is done according to procedure and decrease the risk of fraud during the audit the GOP called a cybersecurity firm to monitor the process.

Halted until 26th of April

The order was issued and became effective on Friday 23rd at 5:00 PM.

As Christopher Coury, the judge in question later explained he halted any auditing activities to make sure whether the performed actions are not breaking any Arizona laws.

With that in mind, there have been numerous speculations that the Arizona Democrats will need to pay an additional $1 million to fund the expenses of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum audit.

The members of the Democratic Party including the Arizona Board of Supervisors tried to block the audit justifying that it will compromise voter’s privacy and sanctity of ballots.

Steve Gallardo and a handful of other DP supporters filed a lawsuit against Karen Fann (Senate President) and another Republican Senator even though they made a vow to protect the privacy of ballots throughout the audit.

Steve Gallardo and other members of the Board of Supervisors suggested that there is a lack of transparency and that the Arizona state shouldn’t allow an audit and support the unfounded claims of election fraud.

Upcoming four weeks are crucial

As of now, it is expected that the audit begins on Monday 26th of April, and goes on for the next four weeks.

In the process of preparation, the voting machines used in the election were moved to the State Fairgrounds.

Furthermore, Karen Fann suggested that the Senate will do everything in its power to protect the privacy and ensure a legal audit.

What will be the result of this process? It remains to be seen in the upcoming month.