A verbal exchange in which a pesky activist of Black Lives Matter is confronting a police officer only to be shut up with a swift and shrewd response has gone viral, shredding to bits the left’s narrative about the death of Ma’Khia Bryant, a teenage black girl, killed in a police shooting in Columbus, Ohio.

Bryant was a 16-year-old foster child who was shot and killed by a police officer in Columbus last Tuesday during an incident in which she was swinging with a knife at another female.

The TikTok video showing a policeman who gets verbally assaulted by a BLM activist before and after giving a witty comeback has gone viral, gathering 1.4 million views as of Sunday afternoon.

BLM supporter walked into his own trap

In the video, a bystander asks a cop if he would kill him like Ma’Khia Bryant.

The police officer immediately retorts questioning the man whether he would try and stab somebody the way Bryant did.

The cop’s fast and efficient response then seemingly infuriates the BLM activist who does reply negatively before bursting out in offenses, telling the officer he was “goofy” and to get “outta here.”

While the heckler can also be heard telling the police officers that the video would go viral, it ironically did so, ‘disassembling’ the BLM movement’s narrative and other anti-police propagandists.

As he responded “no” without thinking and thus answering his own question, the BLM activist has walked into this own trap.

Whose life is worth more? The attacker’s, or the unarmed girl?

The incident with the police shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant in Columbus, Ohio, was witnessed by a neighbor whose account has made clear that the actions of the police officer who had arrived at the scene of an altercation had saved the life of the girl who was attacked.

The assaulted girl can also be also heard on bodycam footage telling another police officer that Bryant had lunged at her with a knife, thus causing the shooting.

The exchange between the anti-police heckler and the dignified cop in the viral TikTok video is a fair representation of the entire anti-police outrage cycle after every single police shooting death.

While being outraged at a teenager’s death at the hands of police is easy to understand, basic decency and honesty require taking into account the events that lead to the incident.

As in the case of Bryant’s untimely death, lethal force is most often deemed justifiable if it saves a human life under threat.

It would also be fair and decent not to disparage the value of the threatened persons’ lives – not unlike the life of the girl who would have been stabbed by Bryant.

Her life is supposed to matter as well.

The police is here to save lives

The fact of the matter is that police officers do not kill black people or anybody else at the rate the activists would like to have you believe.

Every single law enforcement officer is properly trained and often faced with violent situations they have to deescalate to save lives.

That is precisely what the police officer did in Bryant’s unfortunate death.

In the viral cop jab video, as in Bryant’s case, the anti-cop leftists have woefully overplayed their hand once again.