Back in January, all those months ago, on the day of his inauguration, President Joe Biden promised to the American public that he would bring about hope and unity to all, regardless of their political affiliation.

This was a promise that was lauded throughout the media that backed him, a promise they believed he could keep.

Now, as the President approaches the traditional 100-day landmark, his promise of unity has fallen flat on its face, at least that’s according to a joint ABC-Washington Post poll, as well as an NBC News poll.

The glory of polling data

The data, on face value, looked decent for Biden, with both polls showing his overall approval rating sitting at just over 50%.

Commentators for the polls were quick to point out that these polls show Biden’s approval rating to be 10 points higher than his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, at the same milestone in his presidency.

However, this is where the joy for Biden pretty much ends.

Byron York of the Washington Examiner pointed out that Biden’s approval rating is actually the third lowest since the end of World War Two, with only President Trump and Gerald Ford scoring lower than him at the same 100-day landmark.

This makes out for poor polling for Biden, especially when the media coverage between the three is placed together.

Trump and Ford were on the receiving end of relentless media doxing and spinning, whereas President Biden receives nothing but glowing praise and coverups from his friends in the news.

Upon further inspection, the 52% number is actually even worse when it’s revealed that both polls oversampled members of the Democratic Party.

NBC oversampled Democrats by 6% whereas ABC oversampled Democrats by 9%.

This fact, alongside a margin over an error that sits at around 3.5% for both polls, shows how dire of a job President Biden is doing, and how his support in the Democratic Party is beginning to wane thin. Further polling data

Let’s hope that President Biden has taken an interest in the polling data over the weekend, as both polls indicate discontent amongst the population for a majority of Biden’s actions and policies over the last few months.

NBC’s poll found that a whopping 56% of Americans believe that the nation is heading down the wrong path under Biden’s leadership, alongside 48% that oppose Biden’s expansion of the government and its services.

Approval of Biden’s disastrous handling of the border crisis is in the low 30s, approval for Biden’s management on issues such as China, gun laws, taxes, spending, and race relations are all under 50%.

The numbers are making for a pretty bleak read for the President at this time.

The only positive to come from these polls is the approval rating for Biden’s response to the pandemic, which sits pretty at around 67%, despite the fact that the President only passed one policy relating to the pandemic; that being his federal property mask mandate.

The American public has spoken, and they are not happy.

Thus far, President Biden has been a supreme disappointment, after relentless media and celebrity praise made people believe that he was going to be the one to change things for the better.

The data does not support this claim any longer, as the President’s message of hope and unity is collapsing under the weight of his own mistakes.